Lisa Pollock was a Chartered Surveyor specialising in the Commercial Property Market throughout the UK since the 1990s.  “I left my corporate job at the start of 2015. A conscious decision to spend time with my family, cut out the dreaded lengthy commute to work and awaken my creative side. I dreamed of making something with my hands and as a result feel  a sense of accomplishment and pride. I have always had a keen interest in fabrics, soft furnishings and furniture. Reupholstery felt natural and a craft I really enjoyed.  I wanted to get close to the customer and produce work that would delight."


Lisa met James Whiteman, an artisan (and life long Beatles fan) with a desire to embark on the next phase of his upholstery career. The Upholstery Bureau was born…


James has acquired an expansive knowledge of upholstery and soft furnishings, ranging from the domestic footstool to medieval walling in stately homes and chateaux in France. His experience ranges from the Jacobean period through to furniture from the present day. He worked in conjunction with Carol Haldane of Gabbi Designs, (now retired) in the original One Devonshire Gardens, country houses across Britain, townhouses in London and homes on the continent. In addition James has worked closer to home on both residential and contract projects including pubs and clubs and has also dabbled in private teaching courses.